Thursday, November 02, 2006

Correo para la prensa extranjera...

Correo para la prensa extranjera...

Para mandar a la prensa les explica que el PAN hace esto porque el PRI los tiene por los tompiates...o mantienen a URO o les sacan a la luz el fraude del dos de julio y no hacen quorum para que suba el enano...

Dear International Press:

Please bring to light what is occuring in Oaxaca right now. The federal riot police is attempting to cover the entry of the governor's hired assasins into the university. The police are right now engaged in a battle with the defenders. There are many wounded already. The federal police are breaking and entering into private domiciles without a court order. Their families cannot find them. The courts deny they have them. Hundreds have already been arrested. No one knows where they are. The Nazis called this method nacht und nebel: night and fog.

The felons responsible for these violations to the human rights of the Mexican people are Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, and Tony Garza, the US ambassador. May the blood that has been spilled and is going to continue be spilled curse them forever.

It is the PRI that has pressured the PAN party to spill the blood of the people of Oaxaca. They have them by the balls. Either the PAN supports Ulises Ruiz or the PRI will expose the details of the July 2 electoral fraud. Furthermore, they will not assist to Calderon's investiture. There would not be then quorum in Congress and it would not be held.

Please pass the word. We appeal to your good conscience. The people of Oaxaca are in the right and they know it and are willing to die rather than submit to Ulises Ruiz, Fox, et al.

The People of Mexico

Aqui hay unos correos, pero si tienen otros mandenlos ahi tambien...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,

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